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    Twerking ice cream I helped animate for Katy Perry’s This Is How We Do (directed by Joel Kefali).



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    Japanese Game of Thrones book covers
    “The Throne of Seven Kingdoms”



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    Let me tell you something about this gifset.

    When I was interning at the agency I’m working at now, I was interning with a group of four other people. They were all from the same school, from the same class, so they all knew each other. I was the outsider.

    I started out trying to be friends with them, there were times I even went out of my way to try to get them to like me because I thought it would be easier to intern together if we were friends. But it didn’t take long for me to realize they had no interest in that whatsoever. Whenever we’d sit down to work together, they wouldn’t even bother hiding the fact they were rolling their eyes whenever I suggested something, or when they’d give each other these looks that said, “Oh my God, really?” whenever I spoke up.

    It was at times very unbearable having to wake up and go to my internship. I hated it. I wanted to quit. They were so mean, I almost cried at one point. In all my years of schooling and group activities I can say that internship was the worst one in my entire life.

    During our internship, they’d always talk about how it was their dream to work in the agency after they intern. Like, they’d apply and hope they got accepted into it. They all took advertising as their course in college so it was their expertise, so they talked about how it was their dream to get a job at the agency. I was more of business and marketing, and honestly, I just wanted an internship experience at the agency, and it’d be a bonus if I got a job.

    So I was watching an episode of The Hour and Marnie said this line and I don’t know, something just hit me. Like, I joke about this all the time, but literally, this line spoke to me. Why waste my time trying to be nice to people who weren’t even nice to me? Why get hurt or frustrated over people who didn’t even care if they were hurting me or making me frustrated? And there wasn’t like there was anything I could do to get back at them.

    So I worked hard in my internship. I made sure I stood out.

    Well, guess who got the job. And I didn’t even apply for it - I got an offer.

    And I’m telling you, one of the sweetest moments of my life was when I was passing by the office lobby one day when I saw them there, holding their resumes to apply.

    Take that, assholes.

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    Basically the most important thing we can learn in life

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    My favorite part of the book. Damn, I love tfios.

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    How to Sneeze in 10 Languages

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  12. Cunt again? It was odd how men … used that word to demean women when it was the only part of a woman they valued.
    — Asha Greyjoy, A Dance With Dragons (via mir-ai)

    lol lol lol lol

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  14. every single person on tumblr should reblog this.

    All the words I wish I would have said ….


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